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Virtual Mixology Classes

We are offering cocktail classes online. These are perfect for the holidays, corporate events for your team, social distancing events, and family or friends.

Attendees will learn how to: – Prepare three cocktails – Learn about the medicinal properties of the ingredients – Spirit Education – Create garnishes, syrups, and infusions. – Learn practical cocktails hacks and tips. Each class is 45 minutes getting busy shaking cocktails & 15 minutes enjoying those cocktails you mixed up. Guests can interact and all questions welcomed Booking: Please email info@thecocktailarchitect or call us at 646 334 1734 Registration includes :

  • A list of products to purchase which can be easily sourced either bought online, at your local supermarket

  • A list of barware you will need

  • Full instructions will be given to you ahead of time so you are prepared to make some sick cocktails and delicious mocktails.

  • Guests provide all cocktail ingredients, barware, and ice.

  • Bar/Shaker Kits upon request from $99 excluding shipping

PRICING DETAILS: Classes start at $45 – $65pp with a $450.00 minimum (10 guests). PAYMENT OPTIONS –Online payment is available : Venmo: Yusef Austin (Yusef-Austin) (we need your email address if paying by Venmo) PayPal Pick from one of our themes or choose your own :

The Holiday Cocktails: Guests will learn how to craft simple yet delicious cocktails whilst learning about spirit education and history.

The Spice Experience: Guests will learn how to craft custom created using bold flavors and spices. Learn how to incorporate spices into your cocktails. From the history of spirits to using exotic ingredients like curry leaves, cardamom, and aloe vera.

Like A Virgin Experience: Guests will learn about the power of plants, their medicinal uses, and how to craft virgin drinks that are delicious without the alcohol. From boosting your immune system, aiding digestion to ways of increasing mindfulness and focus. Drinks include ingredients such as ginger turmeric and honey.

Seasonal Cocktails: Guests will learn about how to select the right ingredients for the right season and use everyday items in their pantry to create bespoke cocktails. They will also learn which flavors blend well in certain drinks over others.

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