In this class you will craft three iconic drinks made from James Bond Movies  from martinis, daquiris to classic drinks. All followed with food drink and trivia on Ian Flemings best selling legacy.


The curated one hour experience is led by Yusef Austin, Head Mixologist and founder & Nandini Natasha Austin, our Chief Storyteller & Culinary Artist.


In every class each guests how to :

. Craft three delicious drinks with unique flavor profiles.

. Learn about the medicinal properties of ingredients, i.e. spices, herbs, chilis.

. Discuss global drink culture, trends, share stories, tips.

· Gain cocktail hacks and tips

· Engage in Food + Drink Trivia



Excludes  ice, citrus and NY state sales tax @ 8.875%.

Each class is mocktail friendly. (Minimum of 10 persons per class)


Shaken Not Stirred Vodka Class