Yusef Austin New York Top Mixologist pouring a signature cocktail over ice during one of the Cocktail Architects Cocktail Classes Mixi

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We are a hospitality-driven mixology company specializing in multi-sensory Cocktail experiences, classes, kits and events

Virtual Classes

The lockdown era-inspired us to take our hospitality experience and bring our expertise directly to your front room with our interactive cocktail classes online and custom cocktail kits with artisan syrups, and barware, delivering expert and entertaining tuition, whimsical food and drink trivia, straight to your door.

Our reputation and longevity in the hospitality and  the events business means we understand just how important human connection is. If ever there was a time to connect with others, and celebrate life's successes, that time is now.

A signature Cocktail Designed by New York Mixology company The Cocktail Architect. A crystal coupe glass filled with a passionfruit cocktail which was created for a cocktail class. Bar spoon on the table is provided in the cocktail kit they provide. Garnish is a dehydrated lime wheel.

“Many of our clients say they are missing the opportunity to socialize, network, or meet up with clients, friends or colleagues in a fun casual, and authentic way. They are looking for an alternative way to  meaningfully engage with each other, kick back and relax together, which is so much needed in today’s accelerated, moving, pace.”

Yusef New York Mixologist placing dehyrdated cocktail architect custom garnish of an dehydrated orange wheel into one of his siganture cocktails during a live cocktail class..

100% interactive 

As such, our experiences and events are designed to communicate to you authentically on and off the screen. From the moment you work with us, we make the process and experience seamless.

Our mission is to bring remote teams together to celebrate and deepen their bond, strengthen connections with clients, and improve employee happiness. 


Team building 

Our one-hour class allows your guests to partake in cocktail-making skills, have some fun, all the while engaging in food and drink trivia.

Our unique Mixology experiences focus on bringing people together through engaging, fun, virtual, hands-on events that help transport your teams and clients to a different time and place.

See our client list here

Yusef and Nandini Austin the Co founders of the Cocktail Class and Kits Mixology company The Cocktail Architect. Husband and wife team in action during one of their cocktail classes demonstratiing how to craft cusotm cocktails. Shaker tin, simple syrups and cocktail garnishes adorn the table. A martini is ready to be filled as Yusef measures the syrups in a jigger - a bar measuring tool.
Top NY Mixologsit Yusef Austin from The Cocktail Architect New YOrk based events and cocktail class company is holding one of his signation cocktails, a lemon and vodka drink with a dehydrated lime wheel. Cocktail styling is one of thier passions. Curry leaves and sstar anise spices with rose buds are lying on the table.

 All skill levels

Whether you are a beginner or cocktail enthusiast looking to expand your repertoire, our classes are for you. They are a great way to learn mixology in a fun and social environment.

“Think of our classes as an ‘interactive food and drink show’ with a live audience, where we demo 3 delicious drinks with unique flavor profiles, discuss world ingredients, global drink culture, trends, share stories, and tips. "

 Every Class Includes

Spirits History and Education

Understand the nuances and difference on spirits and their  humble origins 

Education on Ingredients

Learn about seasonal ingredients and their medicinal benefits of spices and herbs 

 Food & Drink Trivia

We quiz your knowledge with engaging trivia whilst all

​guests party, socialize, and interact 

Cocktail Hacks

During this interactive social-virtual gathering, we guide guests through the tips and tricks of drink-making while inviting them to show off their bartending skills

Cocktails Kits

Included with every kit is a one-hour cocktail class.

We'll send you our custom-made ingredients, and barware with everything you need to make killer cocktails! 

* alcohol, ice, and citrus not included.

* Branded options available

Example of Custom cocktail kit by the Cocktail Architect that is sent directly to you in the mail.Each kit contacts three artisan enchancers, three custom garnishes, a stainless steel shaker tin , a jigger, a measuring spoon, a recipe card and a menu. The boxes is stuffed with black crinkly paper.On the table there are glass mason jars with speices, garnishes and glasses.

Every class is led by our expert Mixologists -Pick from  Holiday Cocktails, Fall Cocktails, Seasonal Cocktails, Tastings, and much more or you can custom create one.

Nandini and Yusef Mixologists from the Cocktail Architect discussing cocktail ingredients and garnishes during one of their live cocktail class demonstrations which are one hour long. On the bar you can see the cocktail ingredeitns and products they need to make the perfect cocktail from professional barware, shaker sets and jiggers, rocks glasses and three artisan simple syrups which they hand craft in thier culianry work studio in Woodstock NY

Already have barware - then we can send you custom garnishes and our artisan enhancing syrups, made with exotic spices herbs, and organic cane sugar.  100 % inspired by the flavors of Mauritius

Three Handcrafted simple syrups made by the Cocktail Architect team. These syrups are 100% organic and inspired by the flavors of Mauritius. There is a lemongrass and keffir lime leaf one, a hibiscus Rose one and a Cardamom and star Anise one. These are easy mixers to add to both non alcholic and alcoholic cocktails. On the table there is a strainers and jiggers and measuring spoon. Cocktial art on the table and food and drink styling..

 Client Reviews

“The TCA team  hosted a virtual cocktail team building event and it was fantastic and the drinks were delicious. The hosts dynamic and personalities helped keep the event lively, with everyone laughing and engaged. I would highly recommend working with them and will be sure to use them again in the future. “
Logan  PricewaterhouseCoopers


A huge thank you to The Cocktail Architect team  for an amazing event!! It was a big success for my team to finally spend some time to unwind and celebrate together. Cant wait for the next one! .

Miranda Logan
Estee Lauder

Yusef was a pleasure to work with. We provided him with a french recipe for a unique cocktail that he was able to simplify and mix within two days time. We used the cocktails for an influencer partnership and Yusef took the initiative to drop off the drinks personally.


Lara Woodbury


Such a fun cocktail making class with Nandini and Yusef!  We scheduled this a week in advance and they were all up for it. Everyone had such a good time and made such wonderful drinks! Highly recommended for a teambudiling event, company wide event, family event and everything else!

The Cocktail Architect was a wonderful host for our online event, creating two signature Interior Design inspired cocktails that were a huge hit! I highly recommended it if you are looking for a fun-filled and educational experience! I also loved the trivia aspect they brought to the occasion.

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Our Clients