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Over the years of honing our craft and experimenting with all types of flavors, we are excited to announce our new line of syrups  ‘enhancers’ (mixers) and garnishes. These are all artisan-produced by hand and are made using far-flung exotic spices and herbs. Inspired by the flavors of Mauritius

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Sips Powered By Spice

The Cocktail Architect is a socially and environmentally conscious Artisanal mixology company located in the Hudson Valley with outrageously delicious Artisan Syrups (Lemongrass and Keffir Lime Leaf, Hibiscus Rose, and Cardamom and Star Anise. Our syrups are made of pure cane sugar and sustainably sourced spices. There are no additives, artificial sweeteners or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or preservatives.    

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