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Our  Services

Vitrual and in Person Cocktail Classes and Kits

 Cocktails Classes

We design cocktails that fit thematically with your event and drinks and source ingredients that are both local and seasonal, that support local purveyors, artisans, and farmers.

We elevate our drinks with custom garnishes, edible flowers and provide branded recipe cards and menus.


Classes & Experiences

Our virtual and in person classes are designed to connect others over unforgettable drinking experiences, whether for a teambuilding class, networking event, or social celebration. 


 Our one-hour class allows your guests to learn new cocktail hack, tips all while engaging in food and drink trivia. Guests will have a chance to socialize and interact with their personal mixologists and each other



 Class & Kits

Every class is unique, customizable amd features different spirits and themes


Options include 

- Classes with cocktail kits delivered to your door.

- VIP packages that include cocktails kits & alcohol.

_ DIY Class options where we send you a list of everything you need and you follow along in a class.

Cocktail Catering : Special Events

COCKTAILS FOR  Special Events

We create cocktails to suit any event within a greater environment thematically. Food, Drink, Art, Architecture, Fashion, Music, Design all play a role in creating the perfect immersive drinking experience.

For over the last decade, TCA has been creating innovative beverage experiences in New York's hottest venues, finest cultural institutions, private estates across the country, and exotic locales like the opening party for the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai. We design custom beverage experiences and specialty cocktails for every kind of social, corporate, or nonprofit event

Cocktails for events

We supply everything from Mixologists, Bartenders and Brand Ambassadors who deliver exceptional service. We don't supply any  booze instead we provide guidance on type of spirits and quantity needed for any event.

We also cater 'Globally Inspired Bites" that nourish you from the inside by out with our sister business curated by Nandini Austin


  • Select 2/3 custom cocktails and 1 non-alcoholic mocktail from our seasonal drinks menu or collaborate for a custom menu.

  • All purpose glassware included

  • We can set up a bar  anywhere on your property…or at a location of your choice

We also offer optional upgrades such as specialty, ice carvers ice garnishes, edible flowers and branded recipe cards and menus.



We work with you to create a unique beverage experience that embodies your brand or product in a glass. Our mixologists can be the face of your brand, curating special recipes and increasing buzz. We help tell your brand story to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. 

• Recipe Development 
• Spirits Education.  Consumer & Events • Influencers  

Brand Ambassador

Bar & Hospitality Consulting & BRAND AMBASSEDOR

Our reputation and longevity in the Hospitality and Events business mean we understand what it takes to make a bar/restaurant successful. Our cocktail menus are designed with a purpose and created to meet the strategic goals of your business.

Our bar training, programming, and quality control will ensure consistency within your business. From increasing work productivity, encouraging repeat clients,  and above all maximize bar revenues.

Bar Consulting & Brand Ambasseor

 Case Studies

Chefs Club

The Cocktail Architect designed a summer menu inspired on a twist of the classics for  Chefs Club in Soho. Working alongside Dana Randell and Louise Vongrichtecten we co hosted an evening for press and NY tastemakers to celebrate the new menu. The best selling cocktail of the night was a cardamom daiquiri named 'Mauritius' was flowing all night.

Summer cocktails - 2.jpg


We were hired and flown to Tulum, Mexico, to launch the new bar menu at the beautiful boutique Hotel Escencia.  We were inspired by the local markets, bountiful, produce and Mexican spice to create a thoughtful yet well-balanced menu. We also completed an in depth training on service standards and spirits education.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 9.11.48 AM.png

Brand AmbassadorS

The Cocktail Architect currently represents variou Cheech Marin's Mezcal Tres Papalote.  From recipe testing and curation, - Yusef Austin is the face of brand and a true Mezcalino.

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