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Inspiring everyone to drink consciously and organically

A decade ago, we started our company from our humble Brooklyn apartment whilst we still had our day jobs and night jobs within the boutique hospitality industry.  Our vision was to create a world where everyone drinks, eats, and celebrates life organically and consciously. It was an exciting and daunting time, but with perseverance, hard work, and dedication, we grew steadily from word of mouth and referrals, acquiring new clients that soon became friends and  longstanding repeat clients

Our Story

Since then, we've been lucky to work with people from all walks of life. From event planners, restauranteurs, hoteliers, caterers, venues, spirits brands, consumers, and even celebrities. We've created “Sex in glass Cocktails”  for every type of imaginative event, from big-name brands to mom and pop stores to weddings, galas, and intimate cocktail parties. We also consulted, trained, taught, and entertained along the way and travelled the world in pursuit of Mixology.

 During covid, like many other small businesses, we had to think on our feet, be adaptable, and pivot. We found ourselves going full circle and reminding ourselves why we entered this business in the first place. We chose the hospitality business because we love connecting with people and creating unforgettable experiences. We get to do just that through our new cocktail classes - and the truth is we find them so much more intimate, like having friends over for a cocktail party in our living room. 

The Co Founders, Business Owners and Power Couple from the Cocktail Architect Yusef Austin top NY Mixologist and Nandini Austin his wife and business partner seated at a bar in New York at one of their cocktail events in New York.

Austin Powers! 


Yusef Austin, 
Head Mixologist and Co Founder

Yusef Austin is a native New Yorker since 1998, worked his way up from bartending at The Mercer Kitchen to opening New York's sexiest bar, The Boom Boom Room, under Andre Balaz'. His signature drinks were an instant hit, becoming the best-selling cocktails on the menu.



Yusef consults for hotels, restaurants, and bars, creating the menu for 20 plus restaurants, including Dos Caminos, Metropolis, Chefs club, and BRG Guest. Yusef has traveled the world in the vain of mixology, holding various Brand Ambassador roles for Elit by Stoli andTres Papalote Mezcal, where he worked alongside Cheech Marin. He also enjoys working with Prima, a CDB company out of LA, and hosting their golden hours.


Yusef has also been named 'the Rockstar Mixologist' by event guru Colin Cowie and has fueled his parties and guests for every event worldwide, from London to Gstaad, from Florence to South Africa. When he is not busy inventing a new flavor profile for thier new syrup line, he can be found rocking out in his kitchen with some Led Zeppelin and cooking up a storm.


Natasha, Natasha Austin, 
Co Founder and Creative Director

Nandini a storyteller, performer, and Ayurvedic Activist who uses her experience, wit, connections, and resources to connect authentically with others, creating unforgettable, emotionally captivating events and classes.


With hospitality running through her veins, she's shaped some of the world's most iconic boutique hotels, holding various sales and marketing leadership roles from Global Director for Morgan's Hotel Group (SBE) to Director of Business Development at the David Lynch Foundation, where she worked in one of her many passions: Transcendental Meditation.

Nandini likens herself to the Chaka Khan song I'm every woman. As a culinary artist,  dancer, mum, and world traveler- it really is "all in her."  Her favorite role in the company is the Chief Storyteller and Games master, where she curates thoughtful and witty Food and Drink Trivia to engage her guests.


Nandini is a confessed chili pepper addict and spiceologist who hosts cooking classes, supper clubs inspired by the flavors of Mauritius. When she is not hosting or teaching, she can be found reveling with her two sons, Zeal and Revel, whose names are inspired by that activity.

Our Sustainable intentions

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We need to nurture this planet and our existence on it—how do we source our drink, food, what we eat, and where we eat it? We must live, eat, and drink better, and teach the next generation to do so. Food and drink enrich our lives and connect us, fostering community as we celebrate each other and life.

We create cocktails and Non-Alcoholic drinks with an intent to tell a story and STIR emotions with every sip. As a song evokes memories from days and evenings past we hope a perfectly shaken drink transports you back to that space in time.


We are conscious and integral with the ingredients we choose to use, allowing us to support local purveyors, artisans, farmers, growers, shop owners and friends in our community and beyond, if necessary. 


Sustainability and active contributions to lowering our carbon footprint,  help ensure our recipes are seasonal.


Our Non-Alcoholic drinks  are designed to hydrate and nourish you from the inside out, using spices, juices and herbs to promote a sense of well-being, while at any social gatherings. 

Our Principles 

1. Learn Balance:  A good drink encompasses an even balance of citrus, spice, sugar and or alcohol.

2. Be bold and open your mouth world and palate try new flavors, spices and fruits and vegetables - variety is the spice of life.

3. Think like a cook and consider flavor profiles & ingredients first, then the execution.

4.Recycle & reuse.  Visit local consignment store and thrift shops, collect glassware to decorate your bar and ditch the plastic bottles in favor of a soda stream to make fresh drinks.

5.Stay Seasonal (when + where possible)

 Follow the natural rhythm of the seasons and go for what’s best in your location. 

6.Nature to Glass.  Forget the additives, processed  ingredients and use whole foods and ingredients-the way nature intended.

7. Stay Local (when + where possible ) Explore your local farmers market, grow your own or check out some of the boxed fruit & veg box services available.

8.Hostess with the Mostest : Surprise and delight your guests is to customize and personalize your menu according’s to your guest's tastes. Include something for everyone.


9. Fruits, herbs, spices, and Vegetables are Sexy. Nonalcoholic drinks are just as fun and can be as delicious, We appreciate the art of creating and drinking a Non-Alcoholic drink that makes you feel special.


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