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Inspiring everyone to drink, eat & celebrate life consciously and organically

A decade ago, we started our company from our humble Brooklyn apartment whilst we still had our day jobs/ night jobs within the boutique hospitality industry.  Our vision was to killer cocktails for multi-sensory events. It was an exciting yet daunting time, but with perseverance and tenacity, we grew steadily from word of mouth and referrals, acquiring new clients that soon became longstanding friends.

From EVENTS to CLasses

Our niche is elevating the cocktail hour with our “Sex in glass Cocktails” for every type of imaginable event, think big-brand companies, high-end weddings, galas, and intimate cocktail parties for celebrities, royalty, and luminaries. We've consulted for restauranteurs, and hoteliers to create signature menus and increase bar revenues. We've been brand ambassadors for spirits companies, trained, taught, and entertained along the way, and traveled the world hosting Mixology events.

Now we have taken our combined mixology & hospitality experience to share our expertise and bring you, interactive virtual cocktail classes. These are perfect for people from all walks of life that are looking for some edutainment and to refine their cocktail-making skills. We work with corporations to build morale in a fun yet casual team-building setting. We love hosting these classes, as it's like having old friends over for a cocktail hour in the mixing studio  Our artisan syrups are now coming to the market so that you can create a signature spice forward cocktail at home with ease. 

The Co Founders, Business Owners and Power Couple from the Cocktail Architect Yusef Austin top NY Mixologist and Nandini Austin his wife and business partner seated at a bar in New York at one of their cocktail events in New York.

Austin Powers ! 


Yusef Austin, 
Head Mixologist  Co-Founder 

Yusef Austin is a native New Yorker since 1998, who worked his way up from bartending at The Mercer Kitchen to opening New York's sexiest bar, The Boom Boom Room, under Andre Balaz'. His signature drinks were an instant hit, becoming the best-selling cocktails on the menu.


Yusef also consults for hotels, restaurants, and bars, and has created the bar program for over twenty plus restaurants, including Dos Caminos, Metropolis, and Chefs club in New York City.  He's held various Brand Ambassador roles for Elit by Stoli, Tres Papalote Mezcal, where he worked alongside Cheech Marin and Prima, a CBD Health & Wellness LA-based company.

Yusef is often referred to as 'the Rockstar Mixologist' by event guru Colin Cowie and has fueled his parties with liquid gold for events all over the world.  From London to Gstaad, from Florence to South Africa.

An avid grower, Yusef loves getting in the garden to grow herbs, spices, and vegetables for the kitchen and thier events.When he is not busy inventing a new flavor profile for their new syrup line, he can be found rocking out in his kitchen with some Led Zeppelin and cooking up a storm.


Nandini Natasha Austin, 
Co-Founder The Mocktail Architect

Nandini  Austin is a British certified Ayurveda Health Coach and Edutainer Of Ayurveda Wisdom that hosts  Ayurveda, cooking classes , private parties all  inspired by the healing power of spices. Nandini also offers Health coaching, Movement Classes, all geared to help you live a conscious life in balance.

At the Cocktail Architect, Nandini uses her business development skills and  culinary and on-camera journalism to add edutainment and food & drink storytelling, into every class. 

She is passionate about creating ways to generate health and well-being awareness and is working on their  Artisan line of Wellness Mixers, introducing the flavors of Mauritius.


When she is not teaching, she can be found dancing with her two sons,  living a life of well-being at their Herb and Spice farm in the Hudson Valley.

Our Sustainable intentions

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 9.56.53 PM.png


We need to nurture this planet and our existence on it—how we source our drink and food. We must live, eat, and drink better, and teach the next generation to do so. Food and drink enrich our lives and connect us. It is also a way to foster a  community as we celebrate each other and life.

We are conscious and integral with the ingredients we choose to use, so support local purveyors, artisans, farmers, growers, shop owners, and friends in our community and beyond.


Reduce waste, recycle & reuse.   We patronage thrift shops and ditch plastic in favor of a soda stream 


We follow the natural rhythm of the seasons and lower our carbon footprint, by ensuring our recipes are seasonal and hosting Virtual events.

Our cocktails are from seed/ spice or plant to glass. We ditch processed ingredients in favor of organic, whole foods the way nature intended.



Our Principles 

 We create cocktails and Non-Alcoholic drinks with the intent to tell a story and STIR emotions with every sip. As a song evokes memories from days and evenings past we hope a perfectly shaken drink transports you back to that space in time.


We strive for consistency:   Our drinks encompass a balance of citrus, spice, sugar, and or alcohol. We want our guests to be open to  trying new flavors, spices, and fruits and vegetables

Our Non-Alcoholic drinks are designed to hydrate and nourish you from the inside out, using spices, juices and herbs to promote a sense of well-being, while at any social gathering. 

 We encourage you to explore your local farmers market, grow your own or check out boxed fruit & veg options.

 We always surprise and delight our guests with personalization  & customization. 

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