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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The image was taken in The Cocktail Architect Culinary Studio

The fine black bottles adorning our medicine cabinet are treats from Estee Lauder’s, “Kilian” line, treasured scents from our latest special mixology challenge for this special client. Kilian strives to be perfume as art. To match their art we dug deep into our aromatics locker and created a special mixology experience to launch their new scent 'Apple Brandy on the rocks" for Estee Lauder’s Kilian team. The result?

One hundred of their global leadership teams were sent our bespoke mocktail boxes in the mail. Inside the box, there were branded menus, recipes, custom garnishes, and a 4oz bottle of our signature Apple Enhancer artisan syrup created exclusively for them, made with hints of Vanilla bean, Cinnamon bark, Bergamot oil, Cardamom pods and Kaffir lime leaves

The Cocktail Architect custom experience allowed Kilian to unveil this new scent and engage their remote teams in a fun, authentic, and unique way. The twenty-minute demonstration included food and drink history, herbology, and touches of Ayurveda. It allowed them to tell their brand story, and STIR emotions with every sip.

" Apple Brandy on the rocks captures the constant reincarnation and incontestable elegance of the ‘Big Apple’—most especially that of its legendary nightlife." Kilian

We are giving away a fresh cocktail recipe below Magenta Dreams and unveiling another experience for you with another mocktail class next month aptly named, “Like a Virgin’ sip for the very first time. Like a Virgin when your glass clinks next to mine…” To learn more about this class,


Nandini & Yusef Austin

See you soon in one of our classes.

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