Our Enhancers (mixers) are produced by hand and sourced

locally, when possible. We use only fresh ingredients, sourcing exotic spices

and herbs for our custom artisan (syrups).


The pronounced Lemongrass flavor combined with the aromatic Kaffir lime leaves takes you on a journey to Mauritius, in a bottle. 


Subtle notes of Rose Bud with the earthy and tangy character of Hibiscus flowers create a unique taste, especially tasty mixed with Seltzer and lemon.


Green Cardamom and Star Anise create a Chai like taste. Amazing in ice coffee or a hot cup of black tea with oatmilk.


All three Enhancers pair well with Gin, Tequila, Mezcal, Vodka, and Sparkling wines.


Ingredients: Fairtrade cane sugar, water, fresh Lemongrass, dried Kaffir lime leaf, citric acid.

Ingredients: Fairtrade cane sugar, water, Rose Bud petals, dried Hibiscus leaves, citric acid.

Ingredients: Fairtrade cane sugar, water, Star Anise, Green Cardamom, citric acid.


Each kit contains:

1 x 4 oz. bottle Kaffir Lime Leaf & Lemongrass 

1 x 4 oz. bottle Hibiscus & Rose Petal 

1 x 4 oz. bottle Cardamom & Star Anise  


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The Cocktail Architect Syrup Kits- Mini Travel Size

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