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Stay Warm and Dry this Winter with our Non Alcoholic Drink - The Jazzy Raspberry.

Hibiscus Rose Syrup bottle on a table with a winter tea cocktail
Hibiscus Rose and Jazzy Tea Mocktail

Are you looking for ways to keep your drinking in balance this month? Perhaps you have signed up for a dry January or a 'No drinking' this month resolution? Well if so, look no further.

We at The Cocktail Architect have created a unique line of Artisan syrups geared for people looking for flavor, convenience and balance in their drinks. Our Artisan Syrups are a delicious alternative mixer to elevate your drink and are pretty versatile and can be added to both Cocktails, Mocktail, tea, coffee and even baking .

So, when you are sipping on one of our drinks, you get a feel-good factor. You don't feel like you are missing out on the booze because our non alcoholic mixers are bursting with flavor because the spices and herbs are steeped for hours, so the flavors are bold and concentrated.

How to use them

It's so simple to create a delicious soda. 1 oz. is the perfect amount to be combined with fresh citrus juice 

( a whole lemon or lime) and topped off with soda water. Yes that's it and voila you have a signature drink in your hands in seconds.And if you are feeling fancy, you can add in one of our aromatic garnishes (usually dehydrated) to add a pop of color. And because our syrups are good for a month in the fridge, a little goes a long way. They are also perfect for entertaining and parties so you have an easy mixer to use on hand.

And did we mention our Artisan Syrup contains no nasty additives or preservatives. Our libations are plant based, spice-forward and thoughtfully crafted in our upstate Mixology Lab produced and bottled right here in the Hudson Valley. So you can feel good knowing you are buying and supporting a local family owned and operated business.

The Cocktail Architect Simple Syrup and tea  mock tail
Hibiscus Rose Syrup Winter Cocktail

Our Artisan syrups are a product of fifteen plus years of mixology in the hospitality, restaurant and events world. Yes, we've proudly batched drinks for every kind of cocktail event imaginable, designed cocktail menus for twenty plus restaurants in New York city and served them up in hundreds of cocktail classes that we have taught online and in person. So rest assured you know you are getting a tried and tested mixer that is so easy to use and can elevate any beverage. Our goal is to inspire as many people to open their minds, mouth and palate to new flavors and spices and live. conscious life in balance, so we are sharing one of our winter favorite recipes where you add the syrup to tea, so read on below so you can try it out for yourself.

Introducing the Jazzy Raspberry Tea

This Jazz with Raspberry Tea is using one of our three Artisan Syrup flavors, the Hibiscus +Rose Petal Syrup. Made with the hibiscus flower, which contains high levels of vitamin C. The soothing rose petals have anti-inflammatory properties which help boost your immune system and protect you from catching the flu or a cold, a bonus during this season!  Also, as it’s non-alcoholic, we often make these for our little ones to enjoy a sophisticated Artisan Soda. Its a great way to incorporate spices into their diet which my wife Nandini Austin is passionate about, as in Ayurveda for thousands of years spices have been known for to aid digestion and possess so many health benefits. 



  • Pour into a shaker or tall glass

  • 1 oz Hibiscus – Rose Petal Syrup

  • 1 Raspberry Herbal Tea Bag

  • Hot water

Steep the tea bag for 5 minutes in boiling water. Remove the bag. Add the Rose Petal Syrup. Stir well.

Garnish with a dried rosebud

  • Garnish: Seasonal Flower or dehydrated garnish

Where to buy our Syrups. 

Yusef Austin NYC top Mixologist at Field and Supply
Yusef Austin Co Founder of the Cocktail Architect

I have committed to not drinking for just over a year now. It just did not suit my lifestyle and have no plans of ever returning. I believe in discipline and moving forward in my own life and while I do this, inspiring others in their own lives to make those commitments and stick to them.

I never thought that I could achieve these types of goals of sobriety while still in the drinking game. With that said, The Cocktail Architect Syrups can be used for cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails. We serve up Non-Alcoholic recipes to create one of a kind drinks for the new year and beyond.

PS If you want to learn how to make more mocktails or cocktails in the comfort of your own home, check out our Virtual classes.


Yusef Austin

Co The Cocktail Architect

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