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Announcing our Tasting Bar @ Newberry Artisan Market in Saugerties, NY

Yusef Austin, Founder The Cocktail Architect
TCA Artisan Syrup and decanter bought in Saugerties Thrift Store

We are excited to announce our new Bricks and Mortar spot at The Newberry Artisan Market, in the heart of Saugerties Village, NY. Come find us here every weekend to sample a few sips powered by spice non-alcoholic libations, made with our Artisan Syrups, hand crafted garnishes, to learn new recipes and rediscover the world of spices.

This iconic building was once home to the beloved 5 & 10 general store called JJ Newberry Co. which closed in the 1990’s. And now after an extensive renovation, this 10K sq ft vintage brick building, although expansive and modern, has kept much of its original charm, with its beautiful fixtures and its 14ft high original tin ceilings.

Wedding venue and Barn Upstate
Main Street Saugerties NY

Yusef Austin,Head Mixologist & Nandini Austin Certified Ayurveda Consultant

When you come to visit our booth, your taste buds will be in for a treat . Our aim is to, ''Open your mind, mouth, and palate to new bold flavors and spices.

We've found that most of our clients are big foodies and discerning drinkers who are looking for fresh flavor combinations and enjoy the convenience of being able to fix themselves a signature cocktail at home or indeed to entertain their friends.

TCA Mocktail made using CornflowerPetals

Over the years our concept has organically grown and now our virtual cocktail classes are more like an interactive Food and Drink Show where we showcase drinks made with unique ingredients like Cornflower Petals and Goji Berries, both known as super-foods and immune boosting.

"For Us the ultimate drink is all about balance, taste, texture, color, and smell. Our Ayurveda perspective is to love opening the five senses using a variety of spices, flowers, and herbs that all have medicinal benefits," Nandini says.

Our Artisan Syrups are lovingly made by hand in the Hudson Valley and can be bought online or at the following stores here.

They come in three flavors, Lemongrass + Kaffir Lime Leaf, Hibiscus + Rose Petal, and Black Cardamom + Star Anise. They are inspired by the island of Mauritius, a slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean. where Nandini's parents are from. There are no additives, artificial sweeteners or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or preservatives.They are very versatile and you can enjoy them with or without alcohol.

Oh, and did we mention there will also be 30 to 40 local Hudson Valley vendors at Newberry Market including pottery, jewelry, unique designer clothing, eco-friendly body products, and vintage art.

So, come join us for an immersive afternoon this Saturday, April 22nd and every weekend into the Fall Season. Don't miss out on this unique experience to elevate your cocktail game. Grab your friends and family and make it an afternoon to remember!


Yusef & Nandini Austin

The Cocktail Architect

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