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Awaken your Senses Cocktail Class

Dear Beautiful Friends, 

We are hosting a special Pop up Cocktail class to awaken your senses and encourage a return to a more mindful way of drinking and celebrating life. The event will take place this coming Saturday 17th February at 6pm in a private residence and a secret location in Shokan, NY.

Come join us for an immersive hands one one hour cocktail class, featuring delicious cocktails and mocktails, using Artisan Syrups - Sips Powered By Spice. Each enhancer has its unique blend and characteristics that are designed with the elements of nature in mind. Every syrup is made with exotic spices and herbs, inspired by the Island of Mauritius - a slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean. You will come away learning some fun Cocktail hacks, some education on the nourishing benefits of the spices and herbs.

A time to pause and connect with friends over delicious bites and engaging conversation.

Over years of honing our craft, making bespoke cocktails for every kind of event, we find these intimate gatherings so meaningful and fun, as we get to spend quality time with our guests.

You can RSVP on Eventbrite here 

We look forward to seeing you soon,


Yusef Austin

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See you soon in one of our classes

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